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Apr 14, 2012

Inspiration from Media

Hi everyone...

For this entry i want to share my opinion about inspiration...what is inspiration? for me, it's something that can make my mind working creativity and help me find what i really love...inspiration can come in different way....sometimes i came from music, movie, talking, reading or other activities...today i will talk about drama or movie that give me inspiration...

There are many drama/series/movie that give me inspiration but for now I want to talk about 3 - a movie and 2 series....Firstly, the 3 Idiots Movie...

Bollywood Movie - 3 Idiots
for those who already watch this movie know how i felt.....this movie is about 3 engineering student Farhan, Raju and Rancho persuade their dreams while helping each other in college. their passion on studies make me think nothing is impossible if you really work for it. their principle really hates them and call them idiots. i also can see the friendship bond among them is very strong, they helping each other without any reward. i really recommended this movie to all of you (for those who not watching it yet)....it really can make you cry...

Ugly Betty 
2nd is Ugly Betty Series..this series is about the journey of an average-ugly latina girl who move to New York to persuade her dream to become fashion magazine editor....this series originally take from Columbia series Yo Soy Betty La Fea....i really love this series and i'll will buy this series's DVD....one day.it's a dramedy (drama-comedy) but it have so many good input. this drama make me want to be an editor one day....if i'm lucky...Fashion Editor would do....hahaha...(*keep dreaming~~)

Gossip Girl
Lastly, Gossip Girl series....ok i admit that, i only watch this series because of their fashion style....hahaha...i really wonder if that school really exist and they can go to school with that style...if is yes....wow!...their preppy style really make me going crazy...and their dresses to go to party...OMG~~...i love Blair fashion sense in this series...somehow this series help me to improve my fashion sense too...so it count as inspiration too right??

Winter Fashion (Preppy style) in Gossip Girl
I'm interested to hear from you guys....what's drama/movie that inspire your life???

That's all for now.adieu~


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