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Feb 18, 2014

Busy Bee~~

Hi everyone~

It's been a while I abandon this blog..hahahaha....*crying*...I've been through a lot of experiences but don't have time to write here. So I will make it short:

1. It's new year 2014. Some of the 2013 year resolution not achieve and I try to make it this year. And I wanna try archery too~~~
2. It's almost 2 year I become a lecturer at KBU. I've learn a lot how to be a person.
3. My first online novel 'Abu Merah Jambu' is complete and now I'm working on my second project 'Dear Princess'.
4. I've been to 2 K-Pop concert and 1 unofficially concert...hahaha...that unofficially concert is TTAlive at KLCC..I met 2NE1. CL and Dara SOOO PRETTY!!! 2 concert that I attended is TVXQ-HoMin and CNBlue...I love both but to be franked I'm most enjoyed at CNBlue concert. Sorry HoMin...T__T
5.I'm planning to go travel this year. Hope my dream come true.
6. I make a lot of new friend in workplace and other event.
7. Most of my college friend already married...and...I'm still alone...*mental breakdown*
8. I miss my family back at hometown. I wish I can spend more time with Mama & Abah.

I think that's all that I can remember. I'll write more in future *hopefully*.

Here a happy goat, just in case you were having a bad day~


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