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Nov 27, 2012

meaningful lyrics

Hi hi hi!!

It's been a while I didn't post here. Class schedule were so tight...(konon2 cikgu berwawasan)...hahaha...hopefully I can be one....

Today's post is about meaningful lyrics...ok remember,there was a previous post that I wrote about lyrics too? NO GAIN.It was made by my hunny...*throwing love to him from a far*...hahaha...ok...that song lyrics   I considered as a meaningful lyrics.

Ok maybe I'm have no rights to give opinion or comments about something that not in my field. But what I'm gonna say, is what I feel as a listener and I believe that everyone have their own taste and opinion about songs right? So if anything that you feel too much, I'm so sorry..I'm just human...:D

Last month I watch Korean drama The Innocent Man played by Song Joongki and Moon Chaewon...That's was one of the best drama I ever watch...I will watch again someday....*Joongki is handsome too...hoho*

The Innocent Man

One of the OST is Love is like a snowflakes sing by Xia Junsu (JYJ)....everyone know jun-chan has powerful voice...and he sang this song so beautifully...I dunno who compose this song but I really love it!... the lyrics is so powerful and well write...I even can imagine my own MV with this song....hahaha...(kuat berangan)...here is the mp3:

below is the translation of the lyrics:

Xia Junsu - Love is like a snowflakes

I Smile again like I did yesterday
I hide it as if nothing happened
Without permission, I looked into your heart
I guess it’s my part to take your heart
Now I want to have you

Have you ever loved to death?
Just once, just once, please look back
I cry out and call you but it doesn’t reach you
I love you, I love you
Words I repeat by myself
I love you

I try to live each day well
So that I can endure through little by little
Because without you, there is no tomorrow
There is no hope, just like today

Now I want you
The sad longing builds up
It feels like my breath will stop
I follow the faint light
And now I go to you

Love comes like snowflakes
I hold out my hand to catch it but it always melts
From the moment I first saw you, it was always you
I take one step and again another step
Because to me, it needs to be only you

Credit:JYJ3 website

Ok...next time I will post another song...and maybe not a korean song....hahaha....adieuu~


Nov 7, 2012

Trololololol Lecturer

My last tuesday Design Studies class...

Me: Ok guys, there will be a slide quiz next week. make sure you read all the notes that I gave to you.
Student: Ms Zaimin, the quiz will be objective or subjective?
Me: I'm not decide yet. which one do you want?
Student: OBJECTIVE!!!
Me: Are you sure? Because, I can put very confusing answers.
Student: Yes, it's ok because if we forgot the answer we still can answer the question. If subjective, we don't have other choices.
Me: If I make an objective questions...then you will be lazy to read my notes because the answer is there..
Student: No la...we promise, we will read...(happy face)
Me:...ok...then.... I will make all Subjective question...(troll face)
Students: MS ZAIMIN....NO!!!!!!!!!!!!(fuuuuuuuu....)


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