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Nov 7, 2012

Trololololol Lecturer

My last tuesday Design Studies class...

Me: Ok guys, there will be a slide quiz next week. make sure you read all the notes that I gave to you.
Student: Ms Zaimin, the quiz will be objective or subjective?
Me: I'm not decide yet. which one do you want?
Student: OBJECTIVE!!!
Me: Are you sure? Because, I can put very confusing answers.
Student: Yes, it's ok because if we forgot the answer we still can answer the question. If subjective, we don't have other choices.
Me: If I make an objective questions...then you will be lazy to read my notes because the answer is there..
Student: No la...we promise, we will read...(happy face)
Me:...ok...then.... I will make all Subjective question...(troll face)
Students: MS ZAIMIN....NO!!!!!!!!!!!!(fuuuuuuuu....)


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