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Jan 26, 2013

Kpopers Mode: 1st ever kpop stuff!!!


It's been 2 weeks I hide in a cave..(no... just kidding...)..I just came out to get...MY 1st EVER KPOP STUFF!!kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~
So happy....my tears came out.....LOL~
I've been kpoppers since 2006 until now but I cannot afford any kpop stuff or album of my fav boyband (art student need a lot of money). Ok, maybe some of you wondering.....what the hell is' kpoppers'??? there's no such a word in dictionary!! ..mak jemmah & pak jemmah....please...it's not in your ordinary dictionary....there's a dictionary called URBAN DICTIONARY.....ya.....you can try that...hahahaha...

Ok continue...actually Super Junior is the 1st boyband I knew but I cannot focus on 12 men at a time...T___T...then here it come Dong Bang Shin Ki (Gods From The East)...ok normal number of members in it (5 men)...I can focus....hahahaha....no I lie....I only focus on Jaejoong....*dush dush dush*

yup...the middle one...yahhhh....where're you looking at???

I've been Cassiopeia (Fan's of DBSK) for 7 years. Even they already break up into two groups TVXQ(HoMin) & JYJ , I still consider myself as a Cassiopeia (even my love for Jaejoong is greater than other members...hahahaha)...Even though DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ is the reason I love Kpop, I still listen to other singer/group also...and other music other than kpop...so anti-kpop...why so serious??problemo??LOL

TVXQ (HoMin) - YunHo & ChangMin
JYJ - JaeJoong, YooChun & JunSu
After I got job I've save up a bit of my salary for the entertainment. At the end of December last year JYJ released Greeting Seasons Calendar and on the middle of January, Kim Jaejoong will released his first ever solo mini-album. I manage to get cheaper price than normal (Pre-order) for both items. Firstly I hesitate want to buy or not? In the end I just buy it because I already got budget for entertainment. I also kinda worried if the website that I purchase will lie to me and take my money but my friends already convince me that website was legal dealer. relief~~ They said they will inform me if the items are arrive.


Yesterday, I got an email said that I can collect both of items. OMG!!! All my body was shivering!! Is this true?? And the best part is tomorrow is my hunny bunny birthday!! It's feels that he gave me the presents....hahahaha(*slaps my self*)

Happy Birthday Hunny...Love You Always!!!(^3^)
And today, I got my first ever kpop stuffs. So happy and I'm speechless. \\\(^0^)///

1st Kpop Stuffs!!!yay~
Thanks to MYNC and friends that advice and supports me.


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