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Oct 29, 2014

Design...Designers...and Malaysia...*sigh*

We have Gemstone Talk this morning. I talked with the speaker about the jewellery field and she's wondering why I'm teaching instead of working in industry.

I want to ask all of you...how many independence fine jewellery designer in Malaysia you know? 

Honestly design industry need a stable country's economy for independence designer, where a lot of people afford to buy custom design. We also need a lot of supports from gov and private sector. I see some competition on design industry but in the end the target group that going to buy will be the wealthy people. 

People wondering why custom design is expensive? When we design a custom product, we involved our knowledge, skill, time and money into it. What you expect the price will be?

I love to see more crazy design in Malaysia, but not all designers can make it (including me). Because we have limitation on money, resources and supporters especially when your family see doctor, engineer, and gov officer have better future. 

Design course can be quite expensive. Some of students have good sense of design and they want to further their studies in good university outside there. However not all of them are afford and they need scholarship. 

I tell you, international scholarship for design is much more than Malaysia. You can see how many universities that JPA list down that have design courses. They need to know that design is not only in graphic and furniture. There's much more to explore and opportunity in this industry and you never know what outcome you will see in the future.

This is just an expression from me...No harm...No offend...PEACE!


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