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Jan 13, 2011

I Think Therefore I Am~

hi all,

last monday was my first design history class for this semester..i think this is quite interesting history class i attended so far since primary school....hoho~

(i'm not so into history subject before...T__T)

ok....there here comes the important guy.......

Rene Descartes was born in 1569 and died in 1650. he is lain philosopher that love to look at the world in the different perspective. he also love to questioning about everything. the famous statement line that he said was' Corgito ergo sum which is mean I think therefore I Am .the hidden meaning from his statement is the simple meaning of the phrase is that someone wondering whether or not exists is, in and of itself, proof that he that he does exist....*err....ok....it is quite confusing.....so in the simple word is you are what you are thinking. if you are thinking you can do it, then you can do it. 

this statement was widely used back in the French revolution. people start to think for themselves without relying to the monarchy or the church. this happened after the downfall of the French monarchy.  

during this era, people are starting to learning to solve their problem without any help from church or monarchy. this learning process has made them more independent and create their own civilization. after the fall of the French monarchy, the industrialization era has been created by the society. the revolution of this era has create many new things such as machine, pollution, and urban dwelling.     

This era really is a  learning process for human being as whole. I mean the people back then really knows how it felt to be oppress and rise to solve the situation.They experienced the industrial revolution where machine were created, urban dwelling , and all the problems that came along with the industrialization.
i think we as human should be in the process of learn in same way so that we can appreciate our life even more.i also believe that the success can be obtained when we refers from past (*not copy!stop the plagiarism!) and aiming to be better in future.

ok,thats all for now...adieu~


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