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Jan 20, 2011

me?addicted?no laaa~(hidung jd panjang)

hi all,

this is my 3rd post for this blog.i wish i can write and post more but lately i'm getting busy with assignment and...life....(hahaha....busy la sgt~).

i also try to find more widget/gadget to put into my blog to make it interesting....(the truth is: i'm addicted to decorate blog!!!miahahahaha...) and still searching for it until now. so, if anybody know any interesting widget,please shared with me (esp: how to put autoplay+invisible mp3 at blog.....i'm totally fail!).

i also hope that you can comment my posts so that i can improved my english and writing(i'm bad at constructing sentence and pronouncing word....duhhhh...aisyah know it all~).

for the upcoming post, is about 'The Joy of Work'(still working on it).everyone are welcome to comment/discuss about it.

that's all for now.adieuuu~


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