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Jan 24, 2011

The Joy of Work;do it with all your heart~

hi all,

As I promised before, here are the post about 'The Joy of Work'....(happy+energetic mood) 

Last monday I learn about Arts and Crafts Movement(England,1880-1910) and Art Nouveau(Europe,1861-1941) in design history class. Arts and Crafts movement are the movement advocated truth to materials and traditional craftsmanship using simple forms and often medieval, romantic or folk styles of decoration. It also proposed economic and social reform and has been seen as essentially anti-industrial. Art Nouveau came after the Art and Craft Movement era. Nouveau means new in france. So Art Nouveau means new art. We can see that during this era the drastic changes to the artwork style. This era has influence Bauhaus institution(1919-1933) to the modernism in art and design. Bauhaus is located in Germany and it is the cradle of many great people from various fields of art.

Arts and Crafts Movement; Golden Lily Minor, William Morris
Art Nouveau;Maude Adams Joan of Arc, Alphonse Mucha


One of the talented artist during the Art Nouveau era was Charles Rennie Mackintosh. One of his work was Hill House at Hellensburgh,Scotland. This is the second house that made my heart stopped for 3 second (hahaha...errrkk~) The first house that made me feel like that is Fallingwater designed by Frank Iloyd Wright(...xde kaitan dgn Art Nouveau)...totally mesmerize!! (i wish to have both house at least in my dream...hahaha~). The following are the pictures of Hill House and furniture inside the house.

Hill House, Helensbugh, Scotland

Charles Rennie Mackintosh; Furniture from Hill House 
Those tall chair in Hill House are my favourite. I love to have all that one day.(....i'm getting worse~).

There are differentiate and simillarity between Art and Craft Movement and Art Nouveau. Art and Craft Movement negate the machine to create the artwork and only the privillage class can afford it while Art Nouveau used machine to create the artwork and it is affordable to everybody. The good thing is both are concern about artistic value through the artwork.

In the philosophy of movement, art should be way of life. Art Nouveau also has been considered as 'total' style and has breaking down the barriers between fine and applied art. The thought of Art and Nouveau has been expand widely and still be continue until today. 

After class, Mrs.Suzy want us to think about the relation between both arts and 'The Joy of Work'. Ok, first of all i want to shared someting with you guys. I found a good quote by Albert Camus: 
"Without work, all life goes rotten.
But when work is soulless, life stifles and dies"

What I understand about this quote is; work is important in for our daily needs. But if there are no passion and joy in our work, you life is meaningless and full of regret(maybe you should join the zombie community...seriously~) 

Learn to love what we do - or leave.

It is same goes to us (designer or an artist). The joy of work is not only can be obtain when we finished out work but it must begin before we start doing work. It is important to know, because the work you do has a lot to do with your happiness and thus, your prosperity. Your work is very important to who you are and who you are becoming.
It is doesn't matter we are from what field of design (Product, Textile, Jewelry, Ceramic, Architecture, Automotive, Graphic etc) as long as we love and enjoy our work, we can deliver the work well and will always be appreciated.

As for me, i choose to be part of art and design community is my own choice. In the beginning my parents were against it because they thought i will not have future after i graduate.

**The truth is I am a bio-chemist former student (...ok you can faint if you want to..~) but I stop in the middle and applied for UiTM's Art and Design school. It is take a lot of courage to neglect my parents expectancy and make my own choices**

But from my perspective view, future is unpredictable. Once I can do what I love, I will put my heart into it; then I will have no regret in my life. Right now, my parents are my big supporters in my life because they understand that each person has their own ability and way to be success in life.

Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.- Storm Jameson  

Back to the main purpose..(the relation); in overall,Arts and Crafts movement and Art Nouveau are deserve to be categorize as 'The Joy of Work'. It is not only because of how the processes of the work or the end product but it is how the artists satisfy with themselves and how people appreciate it as a beautiful piece.That's what I think the truth meaning of The Joy of Work.

For more information about all the information above you can check on this website:

That's all for now....adieuu~


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